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ETF and Mutual Funds for Investment

30 July 2020

ETF vs Index Fund

Are you thinking about financial planning? When deciding where to invest your cash as any investor, we must review the continuous discussion between whether or not to invest in mutual funds or ETFs.


The answer is not as clear as one would trust and only by exploring some of the differences can an investor acknowledge which is the right choice for them.


These two products do have some similarities on a principal level however they are different and will react differently to changing market conditions.

So you must have established your investing goals and what you have the time for before you invest.


An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund that tracks an index and trades on the stock market. ETF is a mixture of many types of securities like stocks and bonds, among others. They allow for a more diversified portfolio than only one singular stock would.

An ETF management company purchases a basket of stocks or bonds. As a result, they're warehousing those securities. The company then issues stock in itself as an IPO. Its company ownership shares act as the receipts for the financial securities the company owns. 


Thus investors can purchase and sell their shares in the ETF company in the secondary market through brokers similar to how they buy and sell shares of IBM. The main resources backing up those ETF company shares are its financial securities.


A mutual fund is a professionally managed type of mutual investment that pools money from many investors to buy stocks, bonds, short-term money market instruments, and other different securities. 

Investment Mutual Funds ETF

What happens when you put your money into a mutual fund?


Well, a mutual fund permits you to invest in and according to how well you think a specific management company will perform. Essentially your cash gets pulled together with many other investors' money and the mutual fund is responsible for managing it.


With this, investors can buy shares of a mutual fund, for example, the stock of a company. Anyone purchasing shares in the fund becomes a part-owner and wants to participate frequently because of that investment objective. 


To manage the company, the shareholders choose a board of directors to oversee the operations of the business and the portfolio.



Comparison Chart

Comparison of ETF and Mutual Index


ETF vs. Mutual funds 

For your better understanding, we have listed below a grand table of exchange-traded-funds EFT verse Mutual funds:





ETF is an investment fund that tracks an index and trades on the stock market. ETF is a mixture of many types of securities like stocks and bonds, among others.

Mutual funds are a professionally managed type of mutual investment that pools money from many investors to buy stocks, bonds, short-term money market instruments, and other different securities.


Trading flexibility


You have many choices on how to invest, can buy long or sell short, buy on margin even consider arbitrage option.                                      

No margin trading, no open end and share can’t be sold short, limited orders.



Track an index, inactive

Active management




Payout regularly which helps to increase overall earning, ETF performs better over an extended period.


It typically can’t perform better than EFT


Price Timing


ETF shares may trade at a premium or discount, depending upon the supply/demand, the market price may be different from net asset value.


Price can change from the time you choose to buy to the time the price is calculated at the end of the day.


Cost efficiency


ETFs are looked at as a more cost-effective choice.


Mutual Funds normally cost more in up-keep due to the top management and administrative charges.


Tax efficiency


ETF investors choose when to sell or purchase so they have more control over how much they make and need to claim for their taxes.


Mutual Funds have no top on their capital gains. In the end, they could mess more problems when it comes to tax time.


No minimum investment

No minimum investment, investors can choose to buy as many shares of ETF


You can invest with a minimum amount and increment for future contributions.





You can sell and purchase anytime, Cost, and tax-efficiency, similar to the best stock trading.



Professional management and services, convenience, variation.



Average/expenses Ratio


The average ETF carries an expense ratio of 0.44%, which implies the fund will cost you $4.40 in yearly charges for every $1,000 you invest. The average traditional index fund costs 0.74%, as indicated by Morningstar investment research.



0.1% and 2.5%

It is calculated by dividing the total dollar value of reserve assets by the total amount of fund fees, both management expenses and working cost, charged to investors in the fund. Expense ratios for mutual funds fluctuate between 0.1% and 2.5%.




Commissions, financier charges per exchange.



Typically, no financier expenses. But mutual funds, regularly charge sales loads, recovery expenses, operational charges, advertising charges.



Takes more time to settle, exchanging commissions.



Extra charges, less control, can be unpredictable, less transparent.


In sum, here are the similarities and differences between

ETF and Mutual funds 


  • They are an investment. 

  • Purchased and sold on a stock trade

  • Can be exchanged during trading hours. 

  • Their costs can change for the day 

  • Are purchased through investment funds on and offline.


  • Frequently have less volatility.

  • They have a premise in securities. 

  • Effectively offer diversification to a portfolio. 

  • You can purchase an entire portfolio in only one ETF. 


Remember that Exchange-traded funds (EFT) are an excellent investment opportunity, it is not without risk. Kindly consult with your Financial Planner before investing, especially if you have a taxed account.


For more tips on how to become financially free, go to financialplans.info.

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