Tags: Asset Allocation, Best Stocks To Buy Right Now, ETF, Stocks, Stock Market, DIY Investing

Asset Allocation: The game changer in knowing the best stocks to buy right now​!

October 14th 2020

 Asset Allocation, Best Stocks To Buy Right Now, ETF, Stocks, Stock Market, DIY investing

In this article, we're going to review what's the difference between making money and losing (besides the obvious) in the stock market. We will spend ample time discussing when to pick stocks over ETFs (exchange-traded funds); and why asset allocation is so important for all your stock market and investments beyond (like real estate or cryptocurrency., to name a few). Plus we’ll reveal the popular way to start your DIY investing portfolio including track records of some of the best stocks to buy right now!


Since the beginning of time, and the stock market, people have been constantly trying to beat their returns. Everyone and their mother wants to know the best stocks to buy right now; and this strive that millions of people undertake is game-changing with your investing pros.

Start your DIY Investing Portfolio Today!


Secret... it's not a secret at all for financial planning clients, and we're sharing our asset allocation tips for how to invest in the best stocks to buy right now with you!

As a part of Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners, Investing Profits Pros is owned and operated by Lea Wiviott Boracchia and Marc Boracchia, along with their outstanding team of financial advisors and analysts. As private wealth managers with DIY investing subscriptions we are best positioned to help our clients build custom financial plans and asset allocation strategies to meet your needs during the current stock market volatility with the best stocks to buy right now and beyond!



Asset Allocation is a must!

 Asset Allocation, Best Stocks To Buy Right Now, ETF, Stocks, Stock Market, DIY investing

If you’re trying to invest by yourself, you’ve probably found that investing especially in the stock market is not as easy as it looks. You’ve heard stories of people making millions of dollars without effort in the stock market or other places and gurus teaching how to spend a minute a day and live with big profits. It’s not that easy, but there are a few tricks proven with time and trial and error experimentation, that work for different budgets and risk profiles.


Asset allocation is one of the many areas that you should spend time learning in your life. If you get this right, you can put your money to work for you. And I know, it sounds cliche, but it’s true. One of the popular theories of asset allocation is that ETF (exchange-traded funds) are an amazing instrument that will give you amazing results with no margin for error; And that is not true.



What are ETFs (exchange-traded funds)?

ETFs are (exchange-traded funds). ETfs package different stocks within them, or choose a specific market, and replicate it, or collect all the results and market them. One of the most famous is the SPY, which follows the S&P 500, the 500 biggest companies in the U.S. 


On the whole, ETFs are almost always short on performance, compared with choosing your preferred stocks. You wouldn’t invest in 500 companies on your own, because some are going to be too risky or total duds that haven’t been switched out. The S&P 500 index is considered not managed for all intensive purposes. You could earn and lose big and there’s a much more efficient, less stressful way to invest that actually takes your asset allocation into consideration.


ETFs since their beginning had an annual growth of 7% compared to a monstrous 60% return of Apple stock holdings.



The Issue Lies within the Lack of Any Management Aspect of ETFs (vs the Actively Managed Benefit of Our Stock Portfolios)

As your objective wealth partners, we provide you the best information out there. You can check the performance by yourself of any tech stock that you like using our real-time stock ticker and charts here. You’ll see over time that it’s much more probable to grow more than a modest 7% when choosing the right stocks to buy right now instead of ETFs. 


Active management is the game changer of Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners DIY stock portfolios when reviewing how to yield big potential upside. ETFs are are not actively managed. Thus, they may not meet your asset allocation needs.


How much more can Coca Cola grow, or McDonald’s? However they work with active management approaches at times for certain investors. But other companies have been beating the average of the stock market year after year. So you need exposure in your asset allocation strategy to the right growth stocks which are the best stocks to buy right now in your aggressive segment of your portfolio, if any. 


In this way you are meeting your investor risk tolerance and most suitable asset allocation.



Why stocks are typically better than ETFs

 Asset Allocation, Best Stocks To Buy Right Now, ETF, Stocks, Stock Market, DIY investing

Suppose that you don’t want to buy big tech stocks because they are volatile, and as we’ve established, growth stocks are not right for every asset allocation. You could buy a blue-chip, like Coca Cola or McDonald’s. These companies grew an average of 12%. 


So if you don’t want to risk too much in the segments your asset allocation, you should opt for picking stocks in established blue chip companies who are innovating properly. In the do nothing scenario, however, you should pick ETFs over stocks. In this case check out our blog post: Do It Yourself: Volatility Trading & Asset Allocation



Continuous Management through Investing Profits Pros of the Best Stocks to Buy Right Now

Always the most profitable way to go - and the method that will best meet the balanced investor's asset allocation is to pick stocks through subscribing to the best stocks to buy right now or paying your financial advisor a fee. In this way, not through investing in ETFs or mutual funds with hundreds or thousands of holdings, you’ll have better returns and performance. 


The most wonderful aspect to the solution to your questions of what are the best stocks to buy right now - you don’t need to spend too much. With the tricks that we’ll provide you, and our economies of scale, you’ll be able to spend a few minutes per week, and plan for your holidays or buying a new car or home. Once you find your type of investment, and understand your own asset allocation (or you can opt for the balanced asset allocation of each of our portfolios, then we're ready to focus on your goals. You’re set to go invest in the best stocks now. 


Just in case you still have questions, I’ll show you some examples (and you can always contact our team, we're available and happy to help, including with our custom risk assessment service add-on to your portfolio (it's currently only $10, the team just really wants to help you invest right)! Here's the track records of a few previous best stocks to buy:

  • Since 2010 Apple grew 1,707%. If you had invested $10,000 dollars in 2010 in Apple, you’ll now have $111,700 dollars. A big gain don’t you think?
  • With Microsoft, you would have had worse returns. If you had invested $10,000 dollars in Microsoft in 10 years you would have made just about $76,500.
  • And if you had invested in the S&P 500 $10,000 dollars, now you would have $31,000 dollars. It’s still awesome. Having us select your stocks in the stock market is really necessary for everyone. Compared to ETFs there is no better way to go than the low barrier to entry stock market and cryptocurrency subscriptions. The best stocks to buy right now are within your reach with Investing Profits Pros, a part of the registered investment advisory of the highly respected Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners

Start your DIY Investing Portfolios Today!

You need to find a good way to beat the market, and for that, you have us available.

We’ll tell you the best stocks to buy right now, but also on a continual basis through our DIY investing portfolios; and we’ll tell you how much of each stock you should acquire. We do the hard professional licensed work and research for you and provide you with updates. We go through the companies’ lengthy reports, and conduct technical analysis, charting and more. Everything we, with our 60 analysts do, is to help assure you the results you want and deserve.



Investing Profits Pros Focus on Active Management and the Right Percentage of Each Holding, aka Asset Allocation

Asset allocation should be a priority in your life. If you want to achieve financial freedom. If don’t want to depend on your main work that is 8 to 5. This type of work hasn’t anything wrong, but you need to work constantly. You just have holidays when your work allows you, and you rely 100% on that income. By allocating your assets and investing in the stock market, you will find a way to work less and have time for everything you want. If that is work, that’s perfect, but you choose.


In conclusion, you need to take care of the financial part of your life. Money can be a tool for happiness and not an impediment to it. You will have money working for you. And not you for the money.

We are glad to be able to provide you with financial freedom and accessibility in the stock market for your most successful future. 

Join us today with all your trust! We are confident that it will be among the best decisions you've ever made if not the best for your financial future!

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