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How inflation affects the economy?

02 September, 2020

inflation, stock market, equities, economy, gold stocks, silver stocks



Have you been seeing that things are costing more today? Inflation has been creeping up the American economy. Understanding its effects is essential because the stock market and certain investments behave depending on the economic condition. 

When the prices for food, freights, vitality, and different products and services rise, the whole economy is affected. This expectedly results in increasing prices, known as inflation: 

  • Impact the cost of living

  • The cost of doing business

  • Borrowing money

  • Mortgages

  • Corporate

  • Government bond revenues, and every other aspect of the economy.

The consumer price index (CPI) was 2.3 in January 2020, Which implies overall prices increased by 2.3 percent over the last year. In theory, this means a vehicle that costs $30,000 in 2019 would cost $30,460 in 2020.

Inflation, Investment, Stock Market, Economy, Consumer Price Index, Retirement, Equity

Another way to identify inflation in the economy is the impact on buying power, which is a measure of the number of products and services consumers could buy with a particular sum of money.


To put this simply, in 2019, $30,000 could have bought the vehicle from the above example – but in 2020, $30,000 does not have that same purchasing power.


Adding to the ascent is a climb in the cost of gas, medical consideration, housing, and shelter (which incorporates ownership and rental costs). The CPI (consumer price index) records the rate at which the costs for specific items go up. 


Inflation tracks the ascent in the cost of products and services, thus contracts the dollar's buying power. At the point when inflation rises, consumers can buy fewer products, and productions costs thereby increase. Simultaneously, incomes and benefits go down. Therefore, the economy goes down during these times until stability returns. 


Higher interest rates and rising costs of business make it harder to invest in old ways. Stocks are a great hedge against inflation because, in theory, a company's income and profit rises at the same or higher rate than inflation.


In reality, however, inflation affects almost all areas of the economy and over time, it can take a bite out of your investments returns by providing you with less money to invest. However you will find better yield on safe assets in inflationary times. You just don't want to be taking on debt in inflationary times.


Some key-points

  • During highly inflationary periods, stocks overall do seem to be more volatile.

  • At the point when inflation is on the rise, income, or high-dividend paying stock costs generally decrease. 

  • Blue chip stocks perform better in high inflation periods and growth stocks perform better during low inflation. 

  • One can't truly make guaranteed speculations regarding the inflation effect on equities, as various groups of stocks appear to perform unexpectedly.


How else can inflation affect investments in the stock market?

Inflation, Investment, Stock Market, Economy, Consumer Price Index, Retirement, Equity

There are many ways inflation could affect your many investments.


Savings. As we've touched on, inflation can shrink your reserves funds regardless of whether you’ve secured your funds in a savings account with an average interest rate or not.


In theory, when you’re working, your earnings should stay up with inflation. When you’re living off your investment funds, as in retirement, inflation lessens your purchasing power. It’s essential to guarantee you have enough resources for last through your retirement years.


Fixed income investments. Inflation helps you gain more yield for fixed-income investments, for example,

  • Bonds

  • Treasuries

  • CDs 

Commonly, investors purchase fixed income securities since they need a steady income stream in the form of interest payments. 


However, since the rate of interest remains the same on most fixed income securities until maturity, the buying power of the interest payments decreases as inflation rises.


Stock investments. Truly, stocks have held up well against inflation. In theory, an organization's earnings and revenues should increase at a comparative pace as inflation. This implies the price of your stock should rise along with the general prices of purchaser and producer goods.



How inflation affects real investment returns?

Consider how three different rates of inflation affect the real return on a $1,000 investment with a 5% nominal interest rate.


A nominal interest rate of 5% + an inflation rate of 0% = a real interest rate of 5%

$1,000 investment X real interest rate 5% = a $50 real return gain.


A nominal interest rate of 5% + an inflation rate of 3% = a real interest rate of 2%

$1,000 investment X real interest rate of 2% = a $20 real return gain.


A nominal interest rate of 5%

+ an inflation rate at 6% = a real interest rate of 1%

$1,000 investment x real interest rate of 1 = $10 real return loss

Inflation and stock market

It's unusual for investment advisories like Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners to consider themselves keeping economies in the direction of economic development and growth. Their smooth functioning can ensure the productive and effective allocation of investment funds. Thus, factors damaging to objective and solid wealth management should be identified, and policymakers should try to control their harmful result. 


One significant issue, though relatively ignored, is to measure the effect of inflation on the size and functioning of the stock market. Inflation overall helps the stock market. It could also give incentives for the government to repress investors during inflationary times through tax revenue so the rest of the country can keep up too. But savers who have already paid taxes should be exempt from additional taxation when other opportunities exist for increasing revenues in the government such as optimizing efficiencies.


So analyzing the returns through high and low inflation as well as against curent market currents and technical analyses of each company can give some clarity investors. Various studies have looked at the effect of inflation on stock returns and Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners is your leading registered investment advisory for solid returns through our stock market and cryptocurrency investment services.


Inflation, Deflation, and Stagflation

  • Inflation is an overall increase of all costs in an economy, it means rising prices of goods and services and thereby resulting loss of purchasing power. We can see this misfortune when a fixed dollar amount purchases less of an item than it did before inflation An extreme bout of inflation, where buying power drops definitely in a brief time frame, is known as hyperinflation and has occurred historically in different countries.

The objective of central banks, whether stated or not, is a fixed yet low rate of rising prices. In the U.S, for instance, the federal reserve system focuses on the rate of 2 percent.

  • Deflation is an overall decrease in all costs over an economy, it is the opposite of inflation. It is defined as the falling prices of products and services in the economy. Try not to get excited about this one even though we are seeing a lot of it this month; more on it later.
  • An economy encountering stagflation faces rising costs and falling outcomes. A variation in price is determined by the relationship between the product and money, not by the value of the item. It is high inflation combined with low development and a consistently high rate of unemployment. As you may have guessed, this an unwanted combination. The U. S. experienced sessions of stagflation during the administrations of Ford and Carter and we try to avoid it through functions at the federal reserve.


Is buying gold and silver a good investment?

Inflation, Investment, Stock Market, Economy, Consumer Price Index, Retirement, Equity

Everyone is interested in investing to keep up with inflation nowadays. We see it starting to rear its head and the fed is controlling it. For now it won't happen but we are investing for yield in a harder climate because in these times certain assets perform well in each type of economic condition. (Right now gold is going parabolic but this still means hold it for a little while!)


Both silver and gold have attractive features: gold is a good investment for the average valuable metals investor. Gold has a much bigger liquid market that is driven mostly by investment and also of course some jewelry demand. 


Accordingly, silver can be appealing during down cycles when the cost of the metal is modest.


So, the most effective way to invest in silver and gold is to get one or more exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The key benefit is that they are incredibly liquid, and you can purchase or sell them at little or no cost since they are commission free but not active investment funds.


In times of deflation like we're in, gold or gold stocks in particular are your best friend. When inflation begins to rise in the coming years, we will be ready for another sector.


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