Tags: Bitcoin, Investing in Cryptocurrency, How Bitcoin Works, Bitcoin News, How to Get Your Coins

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies​ - Learn How Investing in Bitcoin Works + How To Get Your Coins

October 6th 2020

 Bitcoin, Investing in Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News, How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency created in 2009 and has been growing exponentially. In this article, we will explain how Bitcoin works and why you should start investing in cryptocurrency now. If you want to saty up to date with Bitcoin News, check the Bitcoin News Feed from Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners. At the end we'll tell you how to get your coins, which coins to buy over stocks with their historical returns!

How Bitcoin Works


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The first decentralized cryptocurrency came to revolutionize the status quo of the exchange of value in society.

Cryptocurrencies are virtual coins that are based in cryptography (security encryption) to certify transferences or payments of products and services. Cryptocurrencies are an alternative coin that only exists on the Internet and whose storage is digital.

Unlike traditional coins, cryptos have a decentralized control. That means that these currencies are not dominated by banks, governments, and financial institutions.

The regulation of cryptocurrencies is through the blockchain. This system is public and transparent. Everyone has access to all the transferences, so the information is clear. This system democratizes information about currencies. No one has special access to privileged information.



And what about the blockchain?

 Bitcoin, Investing in Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News, How Bitcoin Works

As the word says it is a net of blocks tied by chains. The blocks have information about transactions and special information that no one can access from outside a specific transaction.

And the chains are the transactions. When you exchange, secret information of one block is connected to another, and this only happens once, so it can’t be rewritten. This makes the system efficient and secure.

Cryptocurrencies can be used in any part of the world where buyers and sellers accept them, just like every other currency. For a comprehensive analysis about How Bitcoin works and the Technical Aspects of Transactions click here

One of the main characteristics of the cryptocurrencies is that until a few weeks ago, cryptocurrencies couldn’t be bought and stored physically. Now, in Wyoming, there is an exchange trying to become a bank of cryptocurrency, which is revolutionary. The name of this exchange is Kraken exchange. They offer, for example, insurance if someone steals your cryptos. This is one of the many examples that show the regulation and security of cryptocurrencies. 



They primarily depend on supply and demand

We have to make remark that cryptocurrencies will have ups and downs, but overall, cryptocurrency is going up. The logic behind it is obvious. The supply is decreasing with time. Bitcoin, for example, has a finite supply of 21 million bitcoins, and already there are 18.5 million bitcoins out there. There is not much left, and the demand has been increasing with time.


Supply and demand


Supply is decreasing and demand is increasing of bitcoin. The direction of the market for cryptocurrency is therefore, clear. It is the best time to buy coins but you must keep in mimd two important ideas:

1. How to get your coins and which coins to invest in

2. the proper expectations


Cryptocurrency will have ups and downs, and that’s why you need us. We’ll tell you when is a good time to enter a position, which coins to buy and more trade secrets of cryptography. Some common questions include what is the best place to buy your cryptos, and much more; so you should subscribe to our low barrier to entry cryptocurrency guide. We'll share so much of the millions of aspects of crypto and you'll be able to get started investing the right way!


For more detailed explanation about cryptocurrency in a blog post read Business Perspective of Bitcoin TransactionsStart your cryptocurrency investing beginners guide today!


Begin Investing in Cryptocurrency the Right Way and let our wisdom and guidance lead you to the biggest market opportunity yet


Cryptos and Returns

 Bitcoin, Investing in Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News, How Bitcoin Works

Just to give you an idea of what you could have accomplished with cryptos, I’ll list a couple of examples:

  • Dash. ROI (return of investment) of 25,457%. If you had invested $1,000 in Dash, you would have $255,570 dollars. It’s really impressive!
  • Binance Coin. ROI of 11,309%.  If you had invested $1,000 in Binance Coin, you would have $114,090 dollars. I think it’s still enough.
  • IOTA. ROI of 9,000%.
  • NEM. ROI of 8,229%
  • Bitcoin. ROI of 4,698%. Fifth in the ranking. And still almost a 5,000% of return. If you had invested $1,000 in Bitcoins, you would have $47,980 dollars. And that’s because you’re calculating the return now. If you want to use the prices of 2017, the ROI would be much bigger. 

So you can see some of the results of the cryptocurrencies. Impressive! And you don’t have to read the balance sheets of the companies or do hard work reading charts and doing different complicated stuff. Our team will guide you and pick the best crypto coins that will suit your investor risk profile and personal preferences.


Bitcoin News: Price Evolution & Improvements

The difference between cryptos and stocks is that cryptos don’t depend so much on specific factors, such as profits, sales, and different complicated indicators.

Just to give you more real - life examples and not just say the benefits of cryptos, I will say real returns of stocks compared to cryptos in the pandemic:

  • Apple grew 80% from the bottom of the pandemic, and that’s great for a single stock.
  • Microsoft grew 50% from the bottom of the pandemic.
  • Coca Cola grew 30% from the bottom of the pandemic.

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Should You Buy Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrency?

 Bitcoin, Investing in Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News, How Bitcoin Works

And that’s if you could pick the right stocks. A lot of the tourism-oriented stocks like airlines and hospitality chains grew less than 20%. Picking stocks is not that easy, we help with this too (you can click here) You don’t know what is going to happen with the future of a company. There are a lot of factors influencing a company’s result. It’s not just betting in one company.

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While the best companies got a return of 80%, the most known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, grew 110%. And you didn’t have to look further. The most known crypto got that result, we have talked about how bitcoin works but let’s check other cryptos:


Just a couple of examples of the most famous cryptos and their growth.

  • Ethereum. Also one of the most known cryptos, grew 250% from the bottom of the pandemic. It tripled one of the stocks with the most growth. And this is still a famous cryptocurrency. You don’t have to look for risky and volatile cryptos to find big returns.
  • Ripple (XRP), created as a payment alternative, grew 177% from the bottom of the pandemic. It’s another famous coin for you to consider if you want to start investing in cryptocurrency.

Compared with stocks, there’s an enormous difference in the returns of cryptos and stocks. You just need good information about which cryptos to choose, and which wallets are the best for you. You’re lucky! We can provide you with all that!

How to Get Your Coins:


You can see the big difference between the performance of the best stocks and the best cryptos. And you can’t be skeptical after all the information we provide you. You can be a great investor, but still, you will get better results with cryptos, because the returns are just bigger.


At Investing Profits Pros from Boracchia Wiviott Wealth Partners  we have a world leading  Investing in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin News feed.  We are here to guide you in the diversification of your portfolio. What one asset class can accomplish, another cannot. Rome wasn't built in a day as they say, but you need to start somewhere!


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