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October 6th 2020

 Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News,  Bitcoin, Transaction

Bitcoin, in particular, was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The idea of cryptocurrencies is to decentralize the monetary system. All the money that is out there, goes through banks. Through decentralization, the banks no longer control the money. These transactions are controlled by the blockchain, thus they are more free and iconically decentralized.

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Bitcoin Technical Aspects

Bitcoin was created as a currency to be used for buying things online globally. So, you didn’t need to have U.S dollars, Euros or pounds anymore. You can now utilize cryptocurrencies. And the good thing about cryptocurrencies is that the transference is free. Plus it can’t be manipulated by governments, banks, and financial entities.


Imagine this.


Gone Are the Days of Transaction Fees


This is because the system that is recording all the cryptocurrency transactions, known as the blockchain, is regulated and administered by a network of computers and innovators. You may still encounter fees rarely but the ethic of cryptographers is a monetary atmosphere free of transaction fees. 


This all furthermore removes risk because it prides itself on the transparent information the admired post modern startups are known for; about transactions. For a comprehensive analysis about How Bitcoin works and the Technical Aspects of Transactions click here.


Hello Decentralization and Heightened Security Measures, thanks to the Blockchain


The computers that are recording the data are not in possession of a determined group. Every computer entering the blockchain has access to it, so it’s a democratized system. It is also more secure so if one server breaks or even many, it doesn't affect the rest. In fact, mining is limited so no one person can hold too much power over the servers. There are millions of individuals who are mining cryptocurrency on any given day.


So cryptocurrencies in general (not just Bitcoin) are decentralized and consistently accessible, which is part of their appeal. But this doesn’t mean that everyone is doing whatever they please. There are rules, and if you’re invested with security over your cryptos, no one can steal it. As long as you remember the user id and the password of your digital wallet, everything is okay with your crypto money.



2020 Expanded Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Regulations

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News,  Bitcoin, Transaction

If you haven’t kept up with Bitcoin news, and you still think all of it is insecure and a scam, this section especially aims to calm your nerves. There are rules in crypto and tokens must be registered in most places. If you do everything in the right places (we can help you with this) cryptocurrencies are an environment that is safe.

For example, in the U.S., the U.S. Treasury classified Bitcoin as a convertible decentralized virtual currency in 2013. Also, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), classified Bitcoin as a commodity in 2015.


And the U.S. Supreme Court dictated that money services businesses, including cryptocurrencies exchanges, money transmitters, and anonymizing services have to register with the U.S. FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) as a money services business and also follow rules per the anti-money laundering program.


Tokens sold in the US also must follow the Know Your Client and Anti Money Laundering rules of FinCen and various regulatory bodies. Other countries have also followed similar measures.


Regulations to Open a New Crypto Token Just Got Stricter

The places where terrorists and criminals hang can be right in front of your nose, according to this article in Buzz Feed. However, in October, 2020 new rules were enacted that the U.S. government is utilizing to protect users and investors. Together the good women and guys are trying to cooperate to create as close to a risk-free environment. Similar measures are being taken around the world. 


Just to give you an example, Wyoming, has declared itself a crypto state. There is an exchange, Kraken Exchange, requesting to be the crypto bank. You can get insurance if someone steals your cryptos, and get much more services related to the crypto world these days. This is proof of the credibility of cryptos, and the path they are going towards.


You can buy cryptos wherever and whenever you want. You can transfer your cryptos to the entire world with only an internet connection.



The time is right for cryptocurrencies, are you ready to reap big profits...

But why would you want to buy cryptos these days? Cryptos have been in the market for 11 years now. Now is the perfect moment because there’s a confluence of facts and processes. 


On one hand, there are economic factors like the COVID-19 pandemic causing uncertainty and crisis in all the countries. In the US, the Fed has been printing money and there have been a lot of layoffs. In Europe it is the same situation. This jeopardizes currencies that are based on trust in a certain country.


The Bitcoin Rebound


On the other hand, cryptos, in general, have been skyrocketing. Bitcoin reached a value of $20,000 dollars in December of 2017, an amazing increment. And Bitcoin is just one of the many cases. 


In the COVID-19 pandemic, trust in cryptos increased exponentially, and people started to realize that this was an amazing opportunity. 


On March 15, Bitcoin was $5,000 dollars approximately. Now it is $10,000 dollars. An increment of 100%. I’d accept that for me. And it’s far from its previous high of $20,000 dollars. Check Bitcoin News and the evolution of its price over time. There is space for cryptos to grow.



Some More on the Benefits of Investing in Cryptocurrencies into 2021

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News,  Bitcoin, Transaction

  • Free transactions: The transactions between different users and investors are free. This is amazing if you want to pay someone who accepts cryptos (most do). Transferences thousands of miles away for free.
  • Transparent: You can check every transaction that ever took place on most blockchains.
  • Inflation free: Cryptocurrencies come with a fixed supply schedule. This means that you know that information beforehand. And it’s the same information for everyone.
  • Control: No intermediaries. You don’t have to trust in any financial entity.

These are a couple of benefits of the cryptocurrency world. But these are just factors about the system in general.


Cryptocurrencies have more credibility than when they started. Now there are university degrees about cryptos.


If it's Fit for University Degrees, it's Fit For You

And the concept of currencies has been around since the beginning of time. With time and progress, currencies just changed for the better. They became more practical and easier to use for everyone. And that’s exactly what cryptocurrencies are accomplishing. You can see now why they have so much value in the long run.


We have to remark that cryptocurrencies will have ups and downs, but overall, cryptos are going up.



Begin Investing in Cryptocurrency with Your Objective Wealth Partners


Understanding how Bitcoin works and staying up to date with bitcoin news are essential if you are investing in cryptocurrency


New and revolutionary things usually take a while to change everything around them, but cryptos are not the case. In a matter of a decade, they have revolutionized universities, currencies in general, and the exchange of value in society.


Cryptos came to stay, and prices of them are showing that with time, more and more people will enter this world. You don’t need to know that much about cryptos in general. If you have someone that provides solid information (like us), you can obtain big returns and amazing results.


Cryptocurrency is discussed because it's as if you are investing in the early years of the internet. 


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